Month: February 2018

2017 PACIV Annual Meetings

Recently, PACIV held its 2017 Annual Meeting in all its offices to discuss industry context, strategic objectives and provide all the associates with the 2017 Year in Review as well as the 2018 Forecast, Insights and Objectives. (TOP PICTURE CLOCKWISE: Associates from PACIV Puerto Rico, PACIV Ireland and PACIV USA.) Additionally, acknowledgments & awards were given to the associates in recognition of their years of service as well as Perfect Attendance for the year. Our Rhode Island team. At this year PACIV Ireland Annual Meeting, the new associates were welcomed into the PACIV...

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Luis García & Amilcar Canales Completed Assignment at Indianapolis

PACIV Puerto Rico associates Luis García and Amilcar Canales, both Validation Engineers I, recently relocated to Indianapolis for eight (8) weeks and successfully assisted in a large Waste Water Treatment Facility Project and Lilly’s Global Serialization Program respectively. As members of the Automation and Quality team, Luis and Amilcar supported automation activities for the startup of a two-pump wastewater lift station and the development of Serialization Program cases. In addition to supporting our client needs and enhancing their professional careers, the trip was also a...

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PACIV Baseball Family Day

Recently the PACIV Puerto Rico office sponsored the local baseball team “Los Cangrejeros de Santurce” and gained access to the Baseball League Season games. The associates were able to attend and enjoy the games throughout the season with their family and friends. (TOP PICTURE: View of the Hiram Bithorn Stadium from the luxury booth the PACIV associates enjoyed the games.) More over and as part of our sponsorship for the team “Los Cangrejeros de Santurce”, PACIV was invited for a Family Baseball Day. At the Family Baseball Day, the associates and their families watched the game...

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ISA Ireland Honors & Awards at University College Cork (UCC)

Brendan Hyland, Business Development Manager/Director at PACIV Ireland, recently attended the ISA (International Society of Automation) Honors & Awards Ceremony at University College Cork (UCC). (TOP PICTURE: Brendan Hyland and John Murphy, ISA Ireland President.) ISA holds this annual ceremony to acknowledge and encourage excellence for those training for careers in Instrumentation, Systems and Automation. This program provides an opportunity for ISA to recognize outstanding individuals for the contributions they have made to the Society and the automation industry. PACIV...

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Joshua Gomez Completed Assignment at Ireland

PACIV Puerto Rico associate Joshua Gomez, Automation/Validation Engineer I, recently successfully completed his eight (8) weeks relocation assignment at PACIV Ireland. Joshua joined the PACIV Ireland Instrument Service Provider (ISP) team, and his duties included Inspection, Tagging, Shipping and Vendor Turn-Over Packages (VTOPs) development for Lilly Instruments received on site. (TOP PICTURE: Joshua visiting the Cliffs of Moher. TO THE LEFT: Joshua visiting the Giant’s Causeway.) In addition to supporting our client needs and enhancing his professional career, the trip...

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