Month: August 2020

Live Well, Work Well

PACIV USA is now sharing a monthly newsletter with information related to physical and mental well-being, stress management, maintaining a healthy diet, and more. These articles are given by the office’s Health Insurance provider. The articles contain various topics centering around healthy living that results in working well. For instance, the effects of cleaning your home and the effect it has on boosting your well-being, reducing food waste, healthy recipes.   Topics relating to...

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Resilience: Ability to handle life’s adversities

Puerto Rico Associates, sponsored by our health insurance plan MCS, participated on an online webinar under the title, “Resilience and How to Adapt to Surprising Changes”. Resilience is the ability to cope with a crisis mentally or emotionally or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. It is a psychological state of mind were a person can control any surprising events, and overcome them, no matter how serious it is. Mrs. Karol Pérez Capena, Social Worker at Panamerican Hospital Clinic in Puerto Rico, taught us about the different types of reactions towards stress, and how to manage them to...

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PACIV Retirement Plan Enrollment Meeting

PACIV Puerto Rico had an online chat with Empower Retirement, our 401k retirement plan provider.  Empower is now recognized as the second largest retirement provider in the United States of America.  During this meeting, Empower Representative, Leilany Acosta, gave a demonstration of their website and how accessible and user friendly is for everyone. She showed us how to register, and the different features and information it provides for us as plan’s participants.  For example, our investment balance depending your years of service with the company and your individual contribution;...

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