Month: September 2020

PACIV Featured Article: “Robots remotely measure patients’ vitals for COVID-19” BY Anne Trafton

Robots can remotely measure patients’ vital signs, which could reduce health care workers’ exposure to the COVID-19 virus… Because of the Pandemic, social distancing has been a highly recommended practice to lower the risks of contagion of the COVID-19 virus. The most exposed to the virus are the Health Care workers, which must assist all patients in person. However, Researches from different colleges gathered to join their intelligence and help medical employees by creating robots. These robots will remotely measure patients’ vital signs and even provide a tablet with fill-out...

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PACIV Puerto Rico: New Steps into Evolution.

PACIV is working with the with the optimization and advancement of our web page using the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will be a beneficial step in moving forward with our current needs as well as our future strategic plans.  Since PACIV has a global presence as an international company with offices in Puerto Rico, Indianapolis and Ireland, representatives met to detail the requirements and to configure the specific needs for the optimization.  While many of our CORE services are still the same, each particular territory has developed a niche in other markets as...

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PACIV Jeopardy: It is Time to Play!

PACIV-USA had a lot of fun in their virtual JEOPARDY!® Game Event. Many won and others were not so lucky, but all had a great time. The official Jeopardy Training Game is a virtual event were participants answer questions and enjoy a classical jeopardy game event while maintaining the social distance. The rules were: 1. The first two rounds consist of three to five categories each containing three to five texts, images, or video clues. 2. Responses can be formatted for text input or multiple choice. 3. Players compete for leader board dominance by racking up points in the first two rounds and...

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