Month: November 2020

PACIV Celebrates October: Manufacturing Month

PACIV acknowledges manufacturers creating job opportunities through entrepreneurship and motivating the young to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. The Manufacturing Industry is a constant opportunity creator that brings innovation along with advanced technology. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are continuously changing and improving. ; all functioning because of the knowledge behind it that employees provide. This October, Manufacturing Month, is directed to the young, referring to them as the future. These new manufacturers will be the ones responsible for the...

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PACIV USA: Monthly Live Well Work Well October 2020

PACIV-USA new informative system shared important information related to healthy habits and wellness practices. With topics like The importance of a Safe Hand-Sanitizer, Possibilities of a Twindemic, COVID-19 Scams, National Health Observances, etc. Furthermore, in this month’s newsletter, Combating Pandemic Fatigue is presented as an ‘unintentional phenomenon’, Benefits of Buying Seasonal Produce as best quality products, and Staying Physically Active is a must! Read more about these articles here:

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