Year: 2021

PACIV Live Well Work Well August Newsletter

Summer Travel Safety, Long-term Effects of COVID-19, Difference benefits between Caffeine and Sleep, and How Eating Out Can be Healthy… Did you know that 67% of Americans are planning to travel during the summer? Keep yourself and others safe. It is mandatory to verify the countries restrictions and protocols before traveling. The recommendation is, Get Vaccinated, stay domestic, take a road trip, explore the outdoors, check travel restrictions, and keep up with COVID-19 safety precautions. Also consider checking out CDC recommendations here:  Beware,...

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PACIV PUERTO RICO: Transforming Business Models Event: PRMA

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) had its convention with in-person exhibitors and the public. PACIV was part of the companies that step up to the challenge in this convention where Innovation was the main topic. The Transforming Business Models Event by PRMA, took place at the PR Convention Center, where all fully vaccinated members could participate and network with company exhibitors. It was very diverse since all industries were exhibitors; Pharmaceutical, Construction, Medical Care, Advertising, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Industries, Communications, Cleaning Management,...

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PACIV Live Well Work Well Program- July Newsletter

Summer Picnic Safety Tips, Leaving your shoes at the door The Live Well Work Well Newsletter for July 2021 presents the Environmental Working Group (EWG) 2021 Dirty Dozen List. Every year EWG ranks pesticide residue levels of fruits and vegetables based on samples taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. The Dirty Dozen List consists of: StrawberriesSpinachKaleNectarinesApplesGrapesCherriesPeachesPearsBell and hot peppersCeleryTomatoes Important Facts: To remove pesticide residue, simply wash your fresh produce under running tap water for...

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Associates had the opportunity to attend a virtual conference to discuss the importance of recognizing sexual harassment at the workplace.  The Webinar held on July 16th, 2021, and conducted by Maria del Rosario Abrams Guzman from the Department of Labor of Puerto Rico, took the group throughout the entire legislation behind Sexual Harassment, how to identify it, how to handle such cases and the remedies in law against these actions. What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment in employment consists of any type of undesired sexual approach, demand for sexual favors, and any other...

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PACIV Live Well Work Well Webinar – Mental Health

All the information on how to deal with Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Eating, and other mental health topics was given during this webinar. There are 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Social, Intellectual, Physical, Occupational and Spiritual. Nutrition is found in each dimension, so if all are well, mental health will be balanced. Registered Dietitian, Sabrina Goshen, also mentioned the importance of Gut Health since 90% of serotonin is produced in the GI. And Low Serotonin & Norepinephrine & Dopamine circulating in the brain linked is to a high risk...

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PACIV news

PACIV Puerto Rico, Engineer’s Week 2021

Associates from Puerto Rico celebrated “Semana del Ingeniero” (Engineers Week) with a special gift for all. Engineering is the core of our existence, and our employees are the ones that work non-stop, providing excellent service with exceptional results that puts PACIV in the top engineering companies.  As a small token of appreciation, PACIV Puerto Rico’s Administration took the time to create the perfect gift for its employees. A box with goodies that had the PACIV branding, such as a tumbler, cutlery, a stress ball, a mouse and mouse pad, an umbrella, a USB, and a...

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PACIV Puerto Rico – Team Building Event

PACIV Puerto Rico’s Administration participated in a Team Building event, where they learned about the importance of Teamwork and fluent Communication. Instructors, Macarena Gil, and Carlos Frontera gather all the Administration to presently participate, following all COVID-10 Precaution Protocols, on team meetings, interactive activities, critical role plays, and exercises that involve partnership, collaboration, conversation, agreement, feedback, and many other topics that improve our workflow and environment. All department leaders gave their opinions and thoughts on how to improve...

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PACIV Live Well Work Well Webinar –Stress Management

PACIV Associates participated in a Live Well, Work Well Webinar, this time with the topic: Stress Management. Registered Dietitian at NIFS, Sabrina Goshen, gave all the information regarding identifying stressors, and short-term and long-term stress responses, how it affects us physically, coping with stress, and more. The top advice was, accepting things the way they are, if there are things outside of our control, finding help professionally is the best option, or even talking to others is good. Many associates participated in the interactive questions and answers, and even shared some...

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PACIV IRELAND: PACIV Associates had a Virtual Online Team Event, Manor House Murder Mystery, which let them connect, learn, and have fun, all at the same time.

The Virtual Event Agency, Dynamic Events, dedicates its work to Online Events described as Game-Changing Experiences for organizations around the world. Over 835 events in just 12 months in different companies from different industries, connecting with people globally, from different regions, at the same time. Ireland Associates played Manor House Murder Mystery, a game that approaches competitiveness. It is a problem-solving team-building experience that involves virtual tasks, where they must solve puzzles, tackle questions, and answers riddles to solve who murdered...

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PACIV Microsoft License Orientation

PACIV offered all associates Microsoft Licenses that provide various apps that work as support systems for all projects assigned. These different type of business licenses, can support associates with work management and administration, such as Teams Meeting and chatting, complete email management, PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive storage cloud, calendar scheduling access, and many other options; all vary depending on the license. Microsoft offers Licenses for personal (home) use or business use. The company even helps choose the right plan by completing...

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PACIV USA: Luncheon Webinar

PACIV USA’s well-being program held its first Health & Wellness Luncheon Webinar to kickstart on the new year. During this session, the Registered Dietitian Sabrina Goshen, dug into nutrition for weight loss! She discussed and explained all the myths and sustainable healthy ways to lose weight. As an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle, this webinar helped us all better understand the importance of the calories we consume and how can they contribute to weight gain or loss. Goshen mentioned all recognized diets; KETO, PALEO, 10-Day DETOX, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, and some...

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PACIV Virtual Annual Meetings

All three PACIV offices, Puerto Rico, United States, and Ireland, gathered virtually to meet and discuss achievements and progress in the year 2020, and discuss new plans and strategies for this new year 2021.  Among the topics discussed were 2021 Forecasts, Insights, and Objectives. In addition to awards given for perfect attendance and years served, we also introduced more than 10 new associates to the PACIV Family.   PACIV Puerto Rico introduced Karines Nuñez, Juan Alicea, and Bryan Santiago; the USA welcomed Padraig O’ Connor’, Ivette Van Dyke, Prestor Saillant, Jonathon...

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