Pharmaceutical Industry Association

The Pharmaceutical Industry Association (PIA) is the leading, not-for-profit organization housing all biopharmaceuticals located in Puerto Rico. As an industry, it contributes significantly to the Puerto Rican economy. PIA’s mission is to foster an environment that strengthens Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry’s global competitiveness and improves access to innovative medicines for its citizens.

For more than four decades, PIA has pushed the bar higher and created a robust ecosystem for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device sectors. PIA’s industry members and selected industry collaborators, also known as affiliates, has continuously driven team-work, innovation, knowledge, and operational excellence; to propel the industry and its ecosystem forward while positively impacting as many lives possible throughout the world.

PACIV is honored to be an Affiliated Member of PIA as one of the few selected suppliers. For more information visit