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As a Young Entrepreneur…

Being young and being a woman are among my best qualities. At age of 21 and the youngest PACIV’s member till this day, I stand out in perseverance and entrepreneurship. Every experience I gather, develops my knowledge and professionalism, leading me to keep growing like the leader I am.  Even though it has not been easy, it has helped me discover other abilities and skills that sum up to my day – to – day Corporate Communications tasks.

As a recent (and proud!) advertising graduate, the opportunity I have to put to work my learned capabilities is my chance to demonstrate in my position what and how I can do all my daily tasks. Even though I have an “under construction” engineering understanding, I keep myself updated as I self-educate on the field. Of course, the advice and fast facts my co-workers share with me every day complement this very valuable knowledge.

Taking into consideration various past experiences of which each was a challenge, PACIV gave me the biggest challenge of all. Having to manage the communications of our offices around the world Ireland, USA(RI, Indy and Chicago), and Puerto Rico. Contemplating different activities and honoring different cultures is a privilege. I get to engage with everyone by connecting us all into one single cohesive message that when distributed, it unifies the PACIV clients and associates as one. It is a great responsibility to be in charge of our brand and to guard it in such a way that nothing attempts to hurt it in any way.

Getting to be recognized as the inner voice and media representation of the company shows the responsibility that rely on me with the confidence and assurance of great results. My slogan will forever be, “expect the unexpected”. It is a phrase that has served me as guidance in everything I do, pushing myself to be extraordinary and to think out of the box.

Even though many can say that talking to oneself is “crazy”, it definitely helps me boost my energy; I am my own motivational coach. In a world where the superior, the experienced, the matured, the long-time workers are mostly the group of people that have a place in the” working hierarchy”, I am a vivid example of a rumor. I’ve learned what I had no idea about, I’ve gone the extra mile on every step, and most importantly, I never EVER gave up…and that’s what entrepreneurs do.

As a young entrepreneur, and as a young women, I aspire to exceed anyone’s expectations and deal with what awaits me in the future to grow professionally. I’m up for the challenge to achieve unexpected goals and gather more knowledge from the experiences taught by surprising moments.  Having a goal is not the final step, it’s just the start of the future you dream about. And, as time goes by, that target will modify and grow, and it will always be a new challenge. So, with that been said, what’s your next step?

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