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DeltaV Certification Course in PACIV USA

Recently, our PACIV Puerto Rico Engineering Leader, Jean Paul Pepin, traveled to the USA office and led a week-long DeltaV workshop for some of our USA and Ireland associates.

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: PACIV associates Eric Broyer, Allison Beddow, Jonah Pettet, Jacob Dispennett, Vito Maglio, Ben Kahn, Jean Paul Pepin and Michelle Vander Missen.)

The course allows our associates to sufficiently define system capabilities, define nodes, configure continuous and sequential control strategies, create process alarms, operate the system, troubleshoot the system and modify operator displays.

PACIV utilizes a virtual DeltaV™ system to practice and review course materials.

The course also touched on the DeltaV™ Batch application;  it is planned to execute the complete Batch course at a later time for the team.  The training included the use of DeltaV™ Batch software to configure recipe entities including, aliasing, equipment trains, dynamic unit allocation, phase logic, operations and unit procedures. Equipment entities were also configured including, unit modules and process cells.

The associates that participated in the workshop were: Jacob Dispennett, Allison Beddow and Ben Kahn, all three Automation/Validation Engineers I; Jonah Pettet and Vito Maglio, both Validation Engineers I; Padraig O’connor, Automation Engineer I; Eric Broyer, Sr. Automation Engineer and Michelle Vander Missen, Sr. Automation/Validation Engineer.)

With this latest certification training, PACIV can offer experienced and knowledgeable engineers on DeltaV integration (including Batch), for maintenance and support of our clients’ systems and projects.

At PACIV, we have one of the largest pool of full-time staff resources, within any of the regions we operate, which are factory-trained and have extensive project experience. We have successfully assisted with the 2nd largest implementation of a DeltaV™ system within a biotech facility and have performed numerous expansion, upgrades, and migrations utilizing DeltaV™.

Congratulations to our latest associates getting formally certified in Emerson DeltaV.

Learn more about the Emerson DeltaV platform and how we can help you.

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