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PACIV Annual Meetings – 2019 Recap

PACIV associates around the world met to discuss achievements, projects and other progress throughout the 2019 calendar year. All offices discussed industry context, strategic objectives and provide all the associates with the 2019 Year in Review as well as the 2020 Forecast, Insights and Objectives.

Additionally, acknowledgments & awards were given to the associates in recognition of their years of service, perfect attendance, as well as recap for all the associate core value nominations for the year. Also, at the Annual Meetings for PACIV PR, USA and Ireland, the new associates were welcomed to the PACIV Family.

We celebrated the 5 years of service from Aida Ortiz, Bridgette Ballista, Liz Figueroa and Milagros Deliz.  Also, Julio Vargas and Lester Cordero received recognition for 15 years of service in the PR office. As for PACIV Ireland, we were happy to celebrate 10 new associates to the operations there.  In PACIV USA, we celebrated 5 years of service for Paul Ridenour, Raj Basavaraju and Jason Burton, while Lora Morgan and Kyle Carothers were recognize for 15 years with the company.

The PACIV USA office took the opportunity to reunite associates from Chicago, Rhode Island and Indianapolis at the same annual meeting which gave them time to know each other better and have some fun together.  In the past years, we’ve had individual annual meetings in the Chicago, New England and Indianapolis regions respectively.

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