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PACIV Awarded the 2019 CSIA Social Responsibility Award

PACIV was awarded the 2019 Social Responsibility Award by the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA). This award recognized the work done by PACIV during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Each year, the CSIA recognizes a member that has achieved extraordinary results in corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs. The Award winner is recognized during the Awards Dinner at their annual Executive Conference.

The PACIV Foundation pledged $1M, converting its engineering offices in San Juan to a Command Center, and assigning its staff, volunteers and vehicle fleet towards island recovery efforts.

The result of the “Diego’s Relief Project”, called as such in honor of the very first patient, an 8 year old whose life was saved by being transported to Orlando’s Nemours Hospital, included a total of 11 patients Medvac’ed to USA hospitals and 19 patients airlifted in private planes to US hospitals.

A total of 54 patients with 24/7 life-support machines received 10-12KVA diesel generators installed in their homes and 6 patients received critical medicines purchased and brought in from the USA.

In addition, a 91KVA diesel generator was purchased and installed at Culebra island community hospital and a 767-cargo flight was chartered from Miami to San Juan to transport 85,000 lbs. of donated medicines and medical equipment from the mainland USA.

PACIV’s vision was to not have one more life be lost due to lack of resources and the mission was to provide any immediate care needed to eliminate life-threatening situations to any health patient in the wake of the hurricane. PACIV was able to save 151 lives as a direct result of this effort.

José Rivera, CEO at CSIA, personally granted this significant recognition to Mr. Rodriguez and Douglas Garrote, Esq., CFO & VP of Administration during the award ceremony celebrated in Asheville, North Carolina on May 2, 2019, and spoke of the leadership demonstrated through this catastrophe by the PACIV employees and the solid bond it created with its community.

PACIV is extremely honored and grateful to receive the 2019 Social Responsibility Award by CSIA. We couldn’t have done all this without the help of our volunteers and associates and we thank them for joining us in this journey.

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