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PACIV Celebrates a Loving Matrimony

Even though we are going through rough times, Love always wins. An associate from PACIV Ireland celebrates Love and Eternal Union in marriage. 

Associate Siddhesh Hangekar, tied the knot with his best friend and now wife. At first, it was difficult considering the social distancing and different safety protocols, however, they finally celebrated their love as it should.

Siddhesh shared with us the lovely story:

“I could actually write an essay on this topic because we are childhood friends and we’ve known each other since a long time. But still I will try to tell you in short, so first it was an Indian ceremony conducted as per Covid 19 restrictions & guidelines given by government. Our story started when I moved in the same building where she was living. We were in school when we first met each other and became friends. I was in love with her since then but I was afraid of letting her know because I thought I may lose her friendship too but one day I gathered all my courage and told her about my feelings and with a very sweet smile she just nodded. Since then we were together for more than a decade until now when we finally decided to get married and spend rest of the life with each other “

We are very happy with their matrimony and wish them only the best in this new journey.

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