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PACIV celebrates National Engineers Week

Engineers are a cornerstone of our business. PACIV is proud to celebrate the many engineers across our team – especially during National Engineers Week, Feb. 17-23. The work our engineers carry out each day is vital to making life better for the customers and communities we’re privileged to serve.

National Engineers Week is held annually in the same week as President George Washington’s birthday, since Washington is considered by many to be the nation’s first engineer due to his surveying work.

National Engineers Week encourages public dialogue about the need for engineers and bringing practical applications to life for children, educators and parents. The event has been celebrated in the United States since its creation in 1951 to highlight the important contributions engineers have made to our society and promote the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among students.

As the engineering industry continues to transform itself in a time of widespread technological innovation and changing customer expectations, we need to make sure the next generation of employees has the imagination and skills necessary to thrive in a world of new challenges and opportunities.

At PACIV, we are committed to valuing and developing the next generation of employees that will join our workforce and help build the future, as we strive to be the preeminent global provider of control systems, instrumentation, commissioning, qualification, and computer system validation services.

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Happy National Engineers Week!

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