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PACIV Get Together at Toro Verde Puerto Rico

PACIV Associates enjoyed their time at an adventure Get Together. It was one to remember!

Puerto Rico associates had a day to remember when enjoying obstacle activities, zipline adventures, criollo food appetizers and cocktail style drinks at Toro Verde Urban Park located in Distrito T-Mobile. Here, they all geared up and started with three different ziplines between 150 – 400 feetlong (45.75 to 122mts), starting from launch tower at 90 feet (27.45 mts) of height. 

The nervousness started while gearing up. It got more interesting while climbing the stairway outside the building to reach the peak of the zipline. Once at the top, hooking up to the zipline meant there was no way back. You had to set aside any nervousness and enjoy the ride. Nobody had previous experience, but in the end, they were all experts and had lots of fun. 

After our first adventure ended, it was time for the obstacle course inside the park. The Bull Maze consists of 41 obstacles with different levels of difficulty. These includes rope courses, suspension bridges, rock climbing, and many others challenging obstacles (, n.d.)

The urban park has an arcade where you could find new and vintage games available for associates to entertain after they finished all their physical activities. Finally, we had drinks and delicious Puerto Rican food available for all in a private section designated for PACIV participants.

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