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PACIV IRELAND: PACIV Associates had a Virtual Online Team Event, Manor House Murder Mystery, which let them connect, learn, and have fun, all at the same time.

The Virtual Event Agency, Dynamic Events, dedicates its work to Online Events described as Game-Changing Experiences for organizations around the world. Over 835 events in just 12 months in different companies from different industries, connecting with people globally, from different regions, at the same time.

Ireland Associates played Manor House Murder Mystery, a game that approaches competitiveness. It is a problem-solving team-building experience that involves virtual tasks, where they must solve puzzles, tackle questions, and answers riddles to solve who murdered Laura Norder, an internationally renowned lawyer.

All participants worked together as a team to collect and examine key pieces of evidence. They were divided into two teams, Team A with Santosh Sarma, Geraldine Nolan and Denis Gorey, and Team B with Theo Baker, Brendan Hyland, Vraj Patel and Jacob Skartz. Even though Team B were the winners, they all had a great time. Taking a little break to distract ourselves from work stress and other stressors, its always needed, and this even sure did the work.

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