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Live Well,Work Well and Financial Wellness

Psychological Resiliency, Vision Protection, Spring Cleaning, Safety Matters, and Scam Protections are part of the topics discussed in this month Health and Financial Wellness newsletters.

All the topics presented in the articles start by explaining how “psychological resilience refers to the ability to mentally withstand or adapt to uncertainty and adversity”. Also, that psychological resilience can help positively stabilize mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month we point out how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, practice self-care, maintain an optimistic outlook and review your employee benefits. 

Also, it showed practical ways to protect your vision by getting a regular exam, wearing protective eyewear, putting your shades on, stopping smoking, and giving your eyes a break. 

And finally, it explained how to spring clean your routine and the effect on your mind and body. It also helps you avoid illnesses, reduce stress, and feel in control. 

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