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CASA Marketing Event

Communications Associate, Shaimely Concepción, participated in one of the most important marketing and promotional items events in Puerto Rico. Networking and interacting with suppliers were the main objective and look at all the new promotional items available.

The marketing event took place at the Double Tree Hotel in Condado, Puerto Rico. Here Communications, Marketing, Advertisement, Human Resources leaders, and even Presidents and CEOs from recognized companies’, met with their main suppliers to have a first look at new products present in 4 different showrooms. They had booths of bag makers, technological gadgets, banners, flags, everything elastic, tumblers, gift boxes, office supplies, uniforms, shirts, table covers, jackets, and so much more! 

During the event, suppliers gave props that presented the perfect example of what to expect when quoting custom orders from them to PACIV. We got many ideas and brainstormed with our suppliers on future projects we could do next. We took some of their giveaways back to the office to share with the office what to do next was one of the most exciting parts of the experience, and of course, the gift goodies to take to the office! 

Participants recognized us with the PACIV attire and gave us great feedback on the quality of our promotional items. The company’s brand image gives an important message of who is PACIV and what we can provide. The quality and peculiarity of our marketing products show innovation, excellence, and expertise. 

Looking forward to representing PACIV in many upcoming events!

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