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PACIV PUERTO RICO: Transforming Business Models Event: PRMA

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) had its convention with in-person exhibitors and the public. PACIV was part of the companies that step up to the challenge in this convention where Innovation was the main topic. The Transforming Business Models Event by PRMA, took place at the PR Convention Center, where all fully vaccinated members could participate and network with company exhibitors.

It was very diverse since all industries were exhibitors; Pharmaceutical, Construction, Medical Care, Advertising, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Industries, Communications, Cleaning Management, Engineering, and more. 

As an engineering company, we mainly promoted our Automation, Validation, and Instrumentation services in addition many came asking about our Industrial Control Panel Shop and ISP services. People were scanning our Website’s QR Code, and others took booklets and brochures with them. They also talked directly to PACIV’s President, Rick Straw, Business Developer Leader, Ernick Figueroa, Vice President of Administration, Douglas Garrote, and Corporate Communications, Shaimely Concepcion, where they answered all questions and doubts.

Simultaneously, PACIV participated this year in the virtual platform introduced by PRMA for this convention. eHubb provided for the public that could not participate in the in-person convention, to be part of this event virtually, and access PACIV virtual booth to receive information on our product and services. You can also access our virtual booth by registering here: 

PRMA’s convention was an excellent opportunity to network and re-integrate ourselves into this new post-COVID Era. 

Innovation and modernization are now evolving, and PACIV will be part of the transformation.

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