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PACIV PUERTO RICO – Wellness Running Club

Associates continue to enhance their healthy habits by participating in the wellness walking/running club where all can meet and enjoyed great scenery while they walk or run. It is also a great time to enjoy different conversations after hours while we enjoy time together, during and after the race.

The first meeting was on November 11, 2021, after work in the Condado lagoon area. Associates from Puerto Rico met at the PACIV office at 5:30 pm and walked/ran from Miramar to the nearby Condado walking part of Ashford Avenue, part of the tourist section. Some walked, others decided to run, but everyone enjoyed a well-deserved get-together at the Nacho Libre Restaurant. Here associates enjoyed tacos, nachos, churros, and specialty house drinks. The best part was having fun and enjoying some quality time together after a day of work!

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