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PACIV Recruits at Jobs Expo Cork

PACIV recently attended the Job Expo Cork at the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs in Cork, Ireland in order to look for new and vibrant associate engineers to the PACIV team.

Our HR/Administrator LeadGeraldine Nolan and VP of OperationsDenis Gorey, attended the event to support in this effort and provided their experience at PACIV to potential recruits. The PACIV team was able to speak with hundreds of promising future engineers and technology professionals who were interested in our full-time employment and Co-Op opportunities with PACIV.

PACIV’s goal in attending these job fairs is to recruit the most qualified candidates to continue providing excellence in our core services of automation to our customers.

Job Expos provide professionals a venue to network with employers, submit their resume to recruiters, and learn about employment opportunities.

Learn more about our Accreditations & Memberships here.

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