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PACIV Virtual Annual Meetings

All three PACIV offices, Puerto Rico, United States, and Ireland, gathered virtually to meet and discuss achievements and progress in the year 2020, and discuss new plans and strategies for this new year 2021. 

Among the topics discussed were 2021 Forecasts, Insights, and Objectives. In addition to awards given for perfect attendance and years served, we also introduced more than 10 new associates to the PACIV Family.  

PACIV Puerto Rico introduced Karines Nuñez, Juan Alicea, and Bryan Santiago; the USA welcomed Padraig O’ Connor’, Ivette Van Dyke, Prestor Saillant, Jonathon Bruer, Aaron Muller, Lina Zapata, Carlisse Abreu, and Brett Ronczka. Lastly, Ireland introduced Vraj Patel and Theo Baker. PACIV also congratulated Eric Broyer, Theresa Saxhaug, Margaret Olivares for their 5 years of service and Jesus Torres for his continued 15 years of work with the company.

Many others were also celebrated for representing our core values during their work. Even though we are still working through this New social distanced Era, we worked together to meet virtually and keep engaging with one another to motivate ourselves to keep doing a great job during this upcoming new year.

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