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PACIV @ Wonderware TechDay

Recently, PACIV Ireland participated in the Wonderware TechDay at the Fota Island Resort Hotel, Cork. In this event, PACIV had the opportunity to participate in deep-dives, demos, workshops exploring the latest SCADA, Cloud and Cyber Security Solutions and experience the technologies that are shaping the connected ‘factory of the future’ and see how they can deliver increased operational efficiency within the industrial environment.

The associated that participated in the event was Brendan L. Hyland, Business Development Manager/Director at PACIV Ireland.

This event provided a platform for leading industry partners to discuss how to manage and secure legacy systems within an ‘industry 4.0’ landscape.

PACIV’s global leadership in Life Sciences’ industrial automation and regulatory compliance positions us ideally to ensure that clients’ assets are being utilized at their full potential while creating the proper incentives to have motivated and results-oriented resources attending to our clients’ needs on daily basis within their operations. We understand the latest industrial automation technologies and regulatory compliance practices.

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