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PACIV’s – New Normal

Associates have been working at the Office and on the Sites, taking all safety protocols as they adapt to this “New Normal” phase.

As this pandemic continues, we implemented our exposure prevention plan, which included among other things always using PACIV custom masks.  We continue to follow CDC safety protocols at the office or On-site while providing services.  Maintaining social distancing, frequently washing our hands, and keeping everything sanitized and disinfected are some of the day-to-day tasks in our “new normal” days at the office. Also, we have incorporated the Teams meeting more now than ever to comply with social distancing and avoid groupings.

Taking into consideration all what is currently happening, PACIV wants to make a difference, and be present during these hard times. Our motivation is to be able to give associates and clients the support they need, the services they require, standing out always within our values; “Excellence and Innovation in all we do”, without compromising the health of our associates or our clients. Today and always, we wish for the well-being of all, and continue to be an “Integral part of the Communities in which we live”.

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