Partnering for Competitiveness

As part of PACIV’s diversification strategy and alignment with the industry needs, we have recently launched a new innovative business model: PACIV Outsourcing Services. PACIV becomes your internal department for Automation, C&Q/CSV, and/or Instrumentation day-to-day services within your operations. PACIV’s Outsourcing Services is a Performance Driven (KPI’s) service focused to increase the efficiency of such services while you strengthen the focus on your core business initiatives. In addition, you can address intermittent high volume requirements and fast response to schedule changes by having flexibility in staffing and use of resources on “variable work” as needed. PACIV’s significant presence within the industry allows our resources and organization to constantly be exposed...

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Innovation – At the Core of Who We Are

The Pharmaceutical industry contribution to Puerto Rico has been quantified mostly on economic terms such as Jobs, Taxes, Annual CapEx and GDP participation. However, at the core of those contributions is an intrinsic and fundamental enabler: INNOVATION. Biopharmaceuticals are considered one of the most innovative industries in the world not only because of their evolution into Biotechnology but also because of the ability to develop medicines that have enable human society to live a longer, healthier and higher quality of life. Biopharmaceutical innovation has prevented almost 900,000 HIV/AIDS deaths, since 1990 cancer death rates have decline 23%, over the last decade alone death from heart diseases have declined about 38%, and Hepatitis C has now a 94-100% cured. Since 2000...

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PACIV @ ISA Tech Talk – Ireland Section

Jorge Rodríguez, PACIV’s CEO, recently presented the ISA Ireland Tech Talk “Data Integrity: A Practical Approach to Assessment and Remediation” at Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork, Ireland. (TOP PICTURE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Walsh, ISA Ireland Secretary, Jorge Rodriguez, PACIV CEO, John Murphy, ISA Ireland President, and Brendan Hyland, Business Development Manager/Director at PACIV Ireland.) Jorge Rodriguez presenting the ISA Ireland Tech Talk “Data Integrity: A Practical Approach to Assessment and Remediation”. The presentation discussed how a practical approach to data integrity assessment and remediation may be undertaken within the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry. Jorge presented a historical look at the regulations and gave a perspective on the progression over time of the...

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