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Partnering for Competitiveness

As part of PACIV’s diversification strategy and alignment with the industry needs, we have recently launched a new innovative business model: PACIV Outsourcing Services. PACIV becomes your internal department for Automation, C&Q/CSV, and/or Instrumentation day-to-day services within your operations.

PACIV’s Outsourcing Services is a Performance Driven (KPI’s) service focused to increase the efficiency of such services while you strengthen the focus on your core business initiatives. In addition, you can address intermittent high volume requirements and fast response to schedule changes by having flexibility in staffing and use of resources on “variable work” as needed. PACIV’s significant presence within the industry allows our resources and organization to constantly be exposed to the latest industry practices.

PACIV’s global leadership in Life Sciences’ industrial automation and regulatory compliance positions us ideally to ensure that clients’ assets are being utilized at their full potential while creating the proper incentives to have motivated and results-oriented resources attending to our clients’ needs on daily basis within their operations. We understand the latest industrial automation technologies and regulatory compliance practices.

With a robust cGMP knowledgeable, experienced, and trained staff of over 60 regular employees, we can achieve the maximum employee engagement, maximum productivity and low turnover. PACIV associates receive competitive salary, fringe benefits (vacation, sick days, health insurance, 401K, disability) and PACIV covers all employees “legal” benefits as per U.S. Fair Labor Standard Act and local labor laws. Moreover, we work closely with our clients to provide the “rebadging” of their existing employees.

Learn more about our Outsourcing Services here or contact us.

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