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We are Open for Business-Connected Remotely and In Site

Working for our customers is our priority and because PACIV wants you healthy, we are taking measures to keep our associates safe, while we provide you service.

PACIV Associates have been connected and working remotely providing services while keeping themselves safe. We made everything possible so that those reporting to the office follow a strict schedule and take preventive measures to keep themselves safe and healthy. For example, all associates were given a mask, hand sanitizer and instructions on washing your hands as measures to prevent spreading the virus as recommended by the CDC. Also, supplies to maintain the areas disinfected in the office, constant reminder to follow social distancing and keeping everything clean are just a few of the new protocols to follow to take care of ourselves.  By protecting you, we are protecting ourselves as a team.

For those working On-Site, our clients have provided strict requirements and extensive questionnaires to screen everyone entering their facilities to prevent spreading. Masks and gloves are some of the new PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that has become part of our new gear in some of these customers. Since the beginning of the lockdown PACIV has been working as an integral part of the supply chain to the pharmaceutical industry.  It is fulfilling to understand how our work is critical for the healthcare industry and how we are impacting lives every day. 

We will continue operating and offering the best services possible during these hard times. As our core value clearly states: “Relentless Commitment to serve is our way of live” and “We are an integral part of the Communities in which we live”.

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