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PACIV CSR as a builder of social capital 

PACIV is proactively and thoughtfully involved in the issues of society; as a result, PACIV has helped build social capital and address the issues of our stakeholder’s communities.

Our values and understanding of the importance of social responsibility as a strategy and a means to connect with our stakeholders are present every day in PACIV. We define CSR as voluntary and responsible behavior that contributes to the wellbeing of our society and our company.

Our operations are led by high ethical standards, that go above and beyond the law, and are integrated into our organizational strategy. This adds value and guarantees social and environmental benefits and profitability. We are certain that our actions will produce short, medium, and long-term benefits for the ecosystem to which we belong.

We believe that CSR helps build a more just and sustainable society. As a company, we assumed our responsibility in the communities in which we are involved to become leaders in helping other companies see the connection between their actions and their impact on society. In addition, it is important to link CSR with the triple bottom line, so that they are aware that CSR calls for investments that will yield returns in clients, reputation, and solidarity.

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Our CSR program, main components:


The program links associates with a meaningful volunteer experience with a nonprofit organization on-time paid by PACIV. The program is on a semester basis and applies to all associates in the areas of education, health, and mentoring of young entrepreneurs. We have successfully promoted our program among our clients and suppliers and as a result, they have joined PACIV’s efforts or have executed similar programs.

You can follow all the work we do at the PACIV Foundation here.


We perform all our social investments through the PACIV Foundation. Up to 10% of our profits are transferred to the PACIV Foundation to contribute to the development of education, arts, sports, environmental awareness, and welfare. During the entire year, the Foundation receives requests in the areas of health, arts, education, entrepreneurship, sports, and social development. Our rotating panel of associates decides the grant requests of the Foundation.


Mentorship is key in our business. As a result, our Flagship Project mentors associates and university students not only in the technical aspects of our business but our CSR and ethical decision-making process as well. Our mentorship program will expand to our clients and university students that need an opportunity and the experience to enter the science and engineering field.

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