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Emerson’s DeltaV™ system is the leading industrial automation platform for multiple industries and processes, including biotech and other life science related industries.

Our clients depend on it to automate new facilities, keep their operations running smoothly and maximize their asset utilization while increasing their ROI.


We have a considerable amount of experience in the design, integration, implementation, testing, start-up, and commissioning as well as support of DeltaV™ systems for the biotech sector (continuous, S88 batch)

At PACIV, we have the largest pool of full-time staff resources, within any of the regions we operate, which are factory-trained and have extensive project participation.  We have successfully assisted with the 2nd largest implementation of a DeltaV™ system within a biotech facility and have performed numerous expansion, upgrades, and migrations utilizing DeltaV™. We have implemented DeltaV™ systems in multiple processes from fermentation to waste water. Moreover, we provide Emerson control systems consulting and ongoing support to keep the systems performing for you.

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Recent Emerson DeltaV™ Projects

Animal Health Manufacturing Facility Legacy Distributed Control System Replacement with DeltaV

PACIV Engineers helped to reverse engineer a very large-scale fermentation and product recovery facility which was being controlled by a legacy system with DeltaV. Our engineers worked to delivery a current requirements document for how the existing systems were functioning including control parameters and alarm settings. The documents were utilized to create design documents and to produce application software for the DeltaV system including control software and graphics. PACIV worked with an integrated team of engineers to meet the production schedule with minimal downtime to cut over and start-up the replacement system.

    Purification Streamline Process

    Customer had an expansion project designed to increase production. This project included the addition of over 6,000 I/O points which were connected via FieldBus and DeviceNet throughout the plant. PACIV provided resources for the entire project. PACIV Engineers provided support as SME’s for Software Design Specifications, Programming and sourced all the instrumentation required for the project. On the execution site, teams were created to help perform dry runs and automation hardware commissioning while another teams performed the Software Validation.

      Fermentation Pilot Plant Integration

      A Life Science customer wanted to install a scale fermentation system. A complete installation and integration of DeltaV had to be performed. PACIV engineers were tasked to design, build, and install new control panels, program, integrate other PLC’s to DeltaV and qualify (CSV) the system. The total project was over 400 points and required installation of FieldBus as well as DeviceNet networks.

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