Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

At PACIV we can support the complex task of installing the MES system using our experience in installing MES software for multiple clients at a global, national and site level depending on client requirements. This support includes the setting up and testing of the critical servers used for the MES install, supporting the software install to ensure minimal time loss because of software issues and post install testing to ensure correct and proper install.

For mature MES systems, PACIV can provide support with recipe creation and improvement on existing recipes currently in use.  For underutilised MES systems, we can provide support with further integration with existing site processes and equipment to achieve penetration of the MES software across site. This also has the benefit of making older equipment compliant to modern data integrity and GDP standards.  Please contact PACIV today to discuss how we can support you in installing, integrating, improving and maximizing the value you receive from your MES.

At PACIV we can help our clients achieve optimisation of the entire supply chain with the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system best suited to controlling your workflows and procedures. We do this  by providing support in integrating and improving MES across all types of production facilities. Our MES support services ensure successful installs of new MES software and more widespread integration and utilisation of existing MES software. We have in-depth knowledge of MES software architecture, practical process and instrumentation understanding and knowledge of connections to business enterprise software.