OSIsoft is the global leader in operational intelligence. The PI System is the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events. OSISoft provides an open infrastructure to connect sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence. The PI System enables your business to capture and leverage sensor-based data across the enterprise to improve efficiency, sustainability, quality, and safety. Discover how a single data infrastructure can transform your operations.

Using OSI PI System our clients are able to achieve batch consistency and identify the root causes of any production problems through accurate production monitoring and reporting, track batch progression, including equipment, digital states, critical parameters, critical limits, and exceptions, to better plan production schedules, increase yields by developing chemical, manufacturing, and production models to define optimized processes and reduce costs and shrink new product development cycles to enhance global competitiveness.

PACIV’s solutions and implementations utilizing the OSI PI System have provided centralized knowledge across the value chain such as expedited product time-to-market with visibility across the development process, enabling seamless knowledge transfer for each phase, optimized development efforts by having all production processes running on one version of the data, support communication and collaboration among researchers, quality teams, and health care organizations by consolidating data into a single repository, making it easier to identify opportunities that bring new products to market and allow people to focus more time toward new developments, rather than having to spend time wading through data or developing reports.


As an OSIsoft Partner we combine significant control system expertise with in-depth industry knowledge and OSIsoft product knowledge for a unique combination to enhance the value of the PI System through the services we deliver. Under the OSIsoft Partner program, OSIsoft joins forces with qualified System Integrators to offer consistent, high-quality, state-of-the-art solutions that increase productivity and coordinated project planning for fast, smooth, and highly efficient project implementation.

Sensors are everywhere and the availability of process data across operations is critical to drive operational excellence. Our implementations allow sensor-based information connected to control system platforms to be available on the spot, via OSI PI, to support critical decisions from globally distributed operations and systems. Hidden in the data are insights to help improve quality, energy efficiency, asset health, regulatory compliance, safety, and process efficiencies. These OSI PI implementations get the needed manufacturing intelligence and business information when, where and how it’s needed to deliver the best insights and decisions without delay.

As an OSIsoft Partner, we continuously certify our resources in the latest OSI PI products and systems. We have direct access to OSIsoft industry and process experts for any complex matters that may arise on any given project. We receive updates on new systems functionalities and technologies as OSIsoft rolls them out.

Recent OSI PI Projects

  • Predictive Maintenance Totalizers for Utilities Equipment

A Life Science customer is taking the approach of totalizing usage of equipment to calculate maintenance interval of equipment rather than do the recommended scheduled maintenance. PACIV provided an engineer to assess equipment required to be part of the program and then create totalizers to understand the actual usage of the equipment. This assessment would help drive work orders through Maximo for new maintenance schedules. Based on current results the customer is considering implementing this process plant wide.

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