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Our control system solutions improves food processing capabilities 

and efficiencies without getting locked in by technology platform limitations.

Our practical solutions, tailored and customized to meet our clients’ needs and processes requirements, assists with rapid product changeovers and production costs reduction.

PACIV works intimately with our client’s operations and engineering groups to identify needed technological solutions to lower production costs while improving results, flexibility, and supportability.  PACIV can specify, design, and implement the systems that best meet each client’s requirements for open standards.

PACIV enables the Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers to operate with the flexibility, quality assurance, and cost effectiveness they need to stay ahead of the competition. We can ensure integration between your shop floor and information systems. PACIV will verify that your recipe, order, quality, inventory, and scheduling information is accurate, timely, and immediately accessible. We understand that within this industry, you must be able to switch quickly between one product and another, and easily accommodate a variety of batch sizes.  At the same time, you′re pressed to keep inventories low and to provide bullet-proof auditing data.

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Our expertise and experience with multiple technologies and processes within the industry provide the needed commitment that will produce the most meaningful results for you. PACIV’s knowledge of production processes can help you reduce unit costs, reduce time to market, product changeovers, and inventory while attending to your customer’s needs.  We will work with our F&B clients to select and integrate best-in-class processing solutions throughout your plant.  These can be implemented in phases as ROI and KPI’s are accomplished.  We will also work with you to specify systems that are readily supportable in-house, through us or however you prefer.

With our deep knowledge within the regulated FDA industry, our associates know how to help you meet requirements and keep your process safe and clean.

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We assist our Food & Beverage clients by:

  • Establishing a collaborative approach with Design, engineering, implementation, and support
  • S88 batch control
  • Manufacturing control best practices – S95 and more
  • Legacy system migration
  • OEE and Process Improvement methods
  • Business intelligence and operational excellence initiatives
  • Industrial energy efficiency engineering

We have experience with the following F&B processes and technologies:

  • Automated Bottling
  • Packaging & Palletizing
  • Batch Processing
  • Oven Control
  • Vision Systems
  • Conveying
  • Pasteurization

Our Clients

Coca Cola
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