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ISA Ireland Conference: Cybersecurity for Automation

Brendan Hyland, Business Development Manager, and Denis Gorey, Vice President Operations at PACIV-Ireland attended the ISA Cybersecurity Conference at Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork.

The conference focused on Industrial Cyber Security and preventing/mitigating the damage that a cyber-attack will have on Automation Systems – across e.g. Manufacturing, Critical Utilities, Healthcare and Transportation sectors. International experts, from leading Control Systems Manufacturers, presented practical solutions to increasing Cyber Security difficulties – so systems and infrastructure can be better protected.

Additionally, the conference highlighted how to identify cyber threats, mitigate risks & limit exposure of control systems and networks, introduced proven industrial systems security standards and practices and showcased the best practices utilized throughout the industry.

ISA is a nonprofit professional association that sets the standard for those who apply engineering and technology to improve the management, safety, and cyber security of modern automation and control systems used across industry and critical infrastructure.

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