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Outsourcing Services for over 20 years very closely with the leading Life Science 

companies to deliver our solutions.
With our Outsourcing Services we have gained a significant understanding of our clients’ business needs, strategic business objectives, and company culture. Our vast experience allows us to create significant value and cost-effective solutions through innovative models of partnering, like Outsourcing.
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Outsourcing Services include:

  • Management of day-to-day operations in Automation / MIS Support / CSV & C&Q / Instrumentation
  • On-time, fast, high quality response
  • Cover troubleshooting, change controls, maintenance, small projects
  • On top of technology changes, our services are at the core of who we are
  • Service model inherent culture – Results Driven
  • On-call resources, use when needed, paid when used

Your Benefits:

  • Performance driven (KPI’s) service focus-increased efficiency
  • Increase departments’ productivity and customer satisfaction-task and service focused
  • Qualified, GMP trained engineers / technicians, regulatory compliance culture
  • Allow you to focus on your core business initiatives
  • Access to overcapacity & fast response to schedule changes
  • Flexibility in staffing, use of resources on “variable work” as needed
  • Arm’s length relationship
  • Share best practices – multiple sites/client experience
  • “Rebadging” to maintain site knowledge
  • Incentives for innovation, continuous improvement and efficiency
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Why partner with PACIV Outsourcing Services?

  • Extensive Life Sciences (regulatory compliance) experience
  • Global presence within clients’ regions
  • Leading system integrator within Life Science sector
  • Certified resources in client’s industrial automation platforms:
    • Rockwell Recognized System Integrator
    • Emerson DeltaV, OSIPI, TiPS Alarm Management Certified
  • GMP knowledgeable, experienced, trained staff
  • Agile, flexible and partnering culture
  • Highly engaged, committed culture and service oriented culture
  • Continuity of services – our employees are associates (not contractors)
  • Financial stability, business record, open book/controls

Global Leader in Industrial Automation Solutions