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PACIV IRL Biopharma Process Training at The CETB Biopharma Facility in Cork.

The training provided an overview of bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including an understanding of the biochemistry, cell growth, harvesting and separation, covering both upstream and downstream processes and clean utilities e.g. PUW, WFI and Clean steam.  It also included conventional biotechnology, latest trends in single use technology and future trends in biotechnology.

The training also gave practical exposure to ‘mimic’ the standard biopharmaceutical environment, equipment and activities. They also learned about equipment types relevant to bioprocessing and completed some basic practical exercises in terms of plant equipment.Overall this training provided all PACIV engineers and associates with a good understanding of the biopharma manufacturing process, which will help them add value to the projects they’re working on now and in the future.

The aim of the programme was:

1. Provide a focused overview of Bio–pharmaceutical manufacturing processes Including understanding of the Biochemistry, growing cells, harvesting and separation covering both upstream and downstream process and clean utilities, e.g. PUW, WFI, Clean steam.

2. Conventional Biotechnology and latest trends in Single Use Technology (SUT).   What’s next in BIO?

3. Give practical exposure to ‘mimic’ pharmaceutical environment, equipment and activities.

At the end of the programme all participants:

  • Had an overview of the Bio–pharmaceutical sector manufacturing processes and the products manufactured in these sectors.
  • Understood equipment types relevant to bio-processing.
  • Had completed some basic practical exercises in terms of plant equipment.
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