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Project Management Professional Course

Recently, seven (7) associates from the PACIV Puerto Rico office participated in the 5-day Project Management Professional Course at the Agile Ratio Institute in San Juan, PR. The program is designed to teach how to effectively learn to manage projects, have better project control and differentiate as team leaders, among others.

The course covered the knowledge, tools and techniques to successfully manage any demanding project, teach how every process group and knowledge area work together to benefit project control and team management, and share lessons and advice from the field to help identify and avoid pitfalls as well as to increase leadership.

Congratulationss are in order to Maricelys Ayala, Liz Figueroa, Bridget Ballista, Aida Ortiz, Miguel Bustelo, Francisco Castillo, and Nestor López.

At PACIV, we continue to invest and focus on developing and increasing the competency of our resources to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible.

Individuals who complete the PMP course are well positioned to provide the professional skills necessary to lead project teams and achieve successful project results. The PMP course recognizes the competence of an individual to perform in the role of a project manager, specifically experience in leading and directing projects.

These and other best practices gathered by our associates will be shared with other PACIV engineers and their clients.

Congratulations to our latest associates for completing the PMP course!

Learn more about our Accreditations & Memberships here.

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