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Administration Retreat

PACIV’s Puerto Rico and USA held their administration retreat to meet and discuss lessons learned from last year and synchronize the team expectations into the upcoming year 2020, brainstorming new proposed ideas to serve our associates and clients better.

Among the topics discussed were the associate feedback surveys, projects’ progress, new services, associates’ teambuilding, gatherings, and developed the action items to improve personnel development.  All these initiatives aim to make PACIV greater in every aspect.

Considering the comments and recommendations given by associates, we will tailor our communication and efforts to improve personnel interaction and understanding.

We discussed potential changes to policies and procedures as well as the tutoring/mentoring program to improve the interaction between new members and the more experienced associates to improve their development in the company.

With a challenging year ahead of us, we concluded our retreat with a clear focus where to concentrate our efforts during this year so that we increase our customer base while exceedingly always our customers’ expectations.

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