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PACIV @ OSIsoft Users Conference 2019

As an OSIsoft Partner, PACIV recently attended the OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco, CA from April 8-12, 2019. Jean Paul Pepin, Engineering Manager and Lester Cordero, Operations Leader both from PACIV-PR represented PACIV.

The primary focal point of the conference was educating attendees on the PI System through user and partner presentations, hands-on laboratory trainings, and networking expos and events. Attendees were able to meet PI System experts and share innovative practices around using data to make valuable insights.

Conference highlights included networking with fellow OSIsoft partners at the exclusive pre-conference lunch, an off-site networking event at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum, and OSI’s Keynote Speaker Mark Jeffries, expert influencing using “Soft” Communication Skills.

PACIV’s global leadership in Life Sciences’ industrial automation and regulatory compliance positions us ideally to ensure that clients’ assets are being utilized at their full potential while creating the proper incentives to have motivated and results-oriented resources attending to our clients’ needs on daily basis within their operations. We understand the latest industrial automation technologies and regulatory compliance practices.

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