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PACIV USA: Luncheon Webinar

PACIV USA’s well-being program held its first Health & Wellness Luncheon Webinar to kickstart on the new year. During this session, the Registered Dietitian Sabrina Goshen, dug into nutrition for weight loss! She discussed and explained all the myths and sustainable healthy ways to lose weight.

As an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle, this webinar helped us all better understand the importance of the calories we consume and how can they contribute to weight gain or loss.

Goshen mentioned all recognized diets; KETO, PALEO, 10-Day DETOX, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, and some others, however, she emphasized how these different diets are good, but maintaining our body with the correct number of calories is a better way to get to our desired weight. As she mentioned, “restrictions lead to cravings”, so eating a bit out of everything in the correct amount, is the perfect way to go and listen to your body!

We also were given handouts on healthy lifestyle sessions, what are calories and how they work in our body system, and calculation of daily caloric needs. These bulletins will support in the planning of the right diet.

There will be a follow up webinar where Goshen will discuss specific exercises for weight loss and help build muscle while at the same time lose weight healthy and stay fit.

Here’s a recap of the Health and Wellness webinar, to access click here: [Passcode: V07nN*kh]

You can start planning your healthy diet with these handouts:

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