Live Well, Work Well

PACIV USA is now sharing a monthly newsletter with information related to physical and mental well-being, stress management, maintaining a healthy diet, and more. These articles are given by the office’s Health Insurance provider. The articles contain various topics centering around healthy living that results in working well. For instance, the effects of cleaning your home and the effect it has on boosting your well-being, reducing food waste, healthy recipes.   Topics relating to recent events such as The Coronavirus and the New Normal, Chronic Conditions and COVID 19 and different monthly awareness celebrations are also included.   The communication...

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resiliencia adaptacion

Resilience: Ability to handle life’s adversities

Puerto Rico Associates, sponsored by our health insurance plan MCS, participated on an online webinar under the title, “Resilience and How to Adapt to Surprising Changes”. Resilience is the ability to cope with a crisis mentally or emotionally or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. It is a psychological state of mind were a person can control any surprising events, and overcome them, no matter how serious it is. Mrs. Karol Pérez Capena, Social Worker at Panamerican Hospital Clinic in Puerto Rico, taught us about the different types of reactions towards stress, and how to manage them to limit their effect on us. It is important to bear in mind that a low level of stress is needed to physically and mentally motivate us to reach our goals. On the other hand, you need to be aware on symptoms...

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empower retirement logo

PACIV Retirement Plan Enrollment Meeting

PACIV Puerto Rico had an online chat with Empower Retirement, our 401k retirement plan provider.  Empower is now recognized as the second largest retirement provider in the United States of America.  During this meeting, Empower Representative, Leilany Acosta, gave a demonstration of their website and how accessible and user friendly is for everyone. She showed us how to register, and the different features and information it provides for us as plan’s participants.  For example, our investment balance depending your years of service with the company and your individual contribution; were to add or change your beneficiaries and investment calculator to estimate our retirement age, among other things. Also, we had the opportunity to see the impact of postponing your retirement...

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new normal paciv

PACIV’s – New Normal

Associates have been working at the Office and on the Sites, taking all safety protocols as they adapt to this “New Normal” phase. As this pandemic continues, we implemented our exposure prevention plan, which included among other things always using PACIV custom masks.  We continue to follow CDC safety protocols at the office or On-site while providing services.  Maintaining social distancing, frequently washing our hands, and keeping everything sanitized and disinfected are some of the day-to-day tasks in our “new normal” days at the office. Also, we have incorporated the Teams meeting more now than ever to comply with social distancing and avoid groupings. Taking into consideration all what is currently happening, PACIV wants to make a difference, and be present...

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paciv yoga

It is Time to Relax…/Online Get Together

PACIV Puerto Rico Associates took a moment to relax. YOGA classes and a little laughter were more than enough to a start a calming weekend. One of our associates, Bridget Ballista, was our official YOGA instructor for the day. She made us meditate using different yoga positions, also stretching a bit with other techniques. The best part yet, was when we all saw each other during the exercises. Some people in the group were moving left when they should have been moving right, and vice versa.  It was very funny to see us all, plus the laughs made everyone enjoy the moment more. This YOGA Get Together was needed by all, even though we had a good laugh, we genuinely relaxed and felt ready to move on to our weekend with tranquility. These Get Togethers have been a great way to motivate...

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Welcome Baby Boy!

Chris Sormalis, PACIV USA Business Development Leader, is the proud father of a baby boy. Nicholas Alexander Sormalis, born April 21, 2020 at 9:29 am. 7 pounds 5 oz., 20.5 in long. Considering the pandemic affecting us all, Chris says “it was an interesting time to say the least to welcome a son into the world, but there’s never a bad time for that to happen.” During a quick interview, we also asked Chris “how was the experience once they arrived at hospital”, he said “Once admitted, we both had to wear gloves and masks from that point forward.  For pregnancies, only one visitor could accompany the mother (significant other, midwife, doula, etc.) throughout the process and EVERY staff member was wearing full PPE (gown mask, gloves).  Other questions were… Because of the...

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paciv remote working

We are Open for Business-Connected Remotely and In Site

Working for our customers is our priority and because PACIV wants you healthy, we are taking measures to keep our associates safe, while we provide you service. PACIV Associates have been connected and working remotely providing services while keeping themselves safe. We made everything possible so that those reporting to the office follow a strict schedule and take preventive measures to keep themselves safe and healthy. For example, all associates were given a mask, hand sanitizer and instructions on washing your hands as measures to prevent spreading the virus as recommended by the CDC. Also, supplies to maintain the areas disinfected in the office, constant reminder to follow social distancing and keeping everything clean are just a few of the new protocols to follow to take care...

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online get together paciv

Online Get Together-Let’s Chat!

PACIV Puerto Rico Associates have been sharing and having virtual meetings full of fun while maintaining social distancing through the Zoom platform. Playing games, chatting, and laughing are just a few of the benefits of getting together in these activities just before we leave for the weekend. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all, PACIV associates want to take a moment to release stress and feel calm and happy, at least with these biweekly chats. PACIV Puerto Rico have organized with these themes like Get Together, having fun while sharing laughs and interesting stories that surface as we share a little bit of time together. On April 9th, the online Get Together took place in the ZOOM platform, and it was costume themed. We started with a scavenger hunt with different...

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letting go banner

Time to Break Away

As children, it was ingrained in our little minds that adding is good for us. Every day something new is being thrown at us. What nobody’s going to tell you and what most people don’t know is breaking away is the secret. Take a look at your life now. Are you where you want to be? You can add but adding is not going to take you where you want to go. The adding mindset is so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that many of us can’t seem to break away from it. It’s simple to add things to our lives, but it’s difficult to remove or breakaway. In a physical aspect, for example, you can take a look at your closet or your storage, and you will find a lot of useless items that you haven’t touch for years.  When you find them, often you need to throw them away because they...

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paciv services banner information

Working for you is our priority…

During this rough times, we know thousands of organizations around the world are implementing extremely rigid and severe norms in order to prevent/contain the spread of the virus, and we take this responsibility seriously. As we work as a community to prepare for the impact of COVID-19, we wanted to share how PACIV is addressing the current situation. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities are our primary concern. There are several measures we are taking to ensure we manage to safely get through this fluid situation while continuing to serve our customers, partners, and employees effectively. For our customers, PACIV is maintaining our services operationally – it is business as usual (albeit far from usual circumstances). Our business continuity plan...

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young entrepreneurship

As a Young Entrepreneur…

Being young and being a woman are among my best qualities. At age of 21 and the youngest PACIV’s member till this day, I stand out in perseverance and entrepreneurship. Every experience I gather, develops my knowledge and professionalism, leading me to keep growing like the leader I am.  Even though it has not been easy, it has helped me discover other abilities and skills that sum up to my day – to – day Corporate Communications tasks. As a recent (and proud!) advertising graduate, the opportunity I have to put to work my learned capabilities is my chance to demonstrate in my position what and how I can do all my daily tasks. Even though I have an “under construction” engineering understanding, I keep myself updated as I self-educate on the field. Of course, the advice and fast...

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international society of automation

International Society of Automation – ISA Ireland Awards 2019

PACIV Ireland associates attended the 38th ISA Annual Honors and Awards Ceremony 2019 to acknowledge and encourage excellence for those training for careers in Instrumentation, Controls and Automation. This year the organization presented six awards, five of which have been submitted by Third Level institutions, one industry award and trained Cybersecurity Experts. This annual ceremony commemorates excellence in the industry, and it is also supported by many more recognized sponsors that encourage the recognition of awareness for promoting achievements in related careers and professions.

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