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PACIV USA: Monthly Live Well Work Well Article 2021

PACIV USA’s new well-being system shares important information related to healthy habits and wellness practices. Read more about, Starting Your Year Off Right, Combating Stress Eating, National Blood Donor Month, Combating Eye Strain from Remote Work, and more. Healthy living is important for all, and these articles provide the information we need to know to maintain ourselves well and safe. Access articles here:

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COVID-19 Updates: What you need to know!

Know about the latest news Prevention Protocols, Vaccination, Data Tracker, and more.  This section will provide brief information about the COVID-19 virus and its progress regarding contagion, safety procedures, new advances, and all-important information that can be beneficial for all our associates.  Even though prevention protocols are the same around the world, governments are taking different actions towards the management of their communities. Depending on your location, LEARN MORE by clicking on the links provided to access the latest news about COVID-19 in your area: Ireland:  Puerto Rico:  USA: 

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PACIV USA: Monthly Live Well Work Well Article

PACIV-USA shared important information related to healthy habits and wellness practices. This time, with topics such as How to Prepare for Flu Season, Differences among COVID-19, Flue and a Cold, Hypertension, etc. Healthy living is important for all, and these articles provide the information we need to know to maintain ourselves well and safe. Access articles here:

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PACIV PR celebrated a Social-Distanced Thanksgiving Dinner for Associates at office.

PACIV PR Associates celebrated a Thanksgiving lunch different this year.  Because this Pandemic has created a New Era for all of us, Juliza Rios, Office Administrator, and Stephanie Lugo, Human Resources Lead, held a social distancing Thanksgiving lunch. Even though all had a chair in between them, to secure the right distance among each other, associates enjoyed some time together with a great traditional Puerto Rican meal, funny stories, laughs, fun, and most importantly, dessert. PACIV understands how difficult this Holiday Season has been, however, we want to make every moment memorable and as joyful as we can. Health comes first, but happiness should always be there. Happy Holidays!

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pharma manufacturing article

On this month’s Featured Article: Engineering Angles: Balancing speed and safety

Can you have a regulatory strategy in place to accelerate drug development — without getting slowed down by compliance considerations?… The article titled, “Balancing Speed and Safety”, presents a strategy focused on what is happening today and what is needed. Because COVID-19 has caused the pharma industry, may find themselves improving their response time in the face of unexpected health crises. Click the link to read the article:

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PACIV Celebrates a Loving Matrimony

Even though we are going through rough times, Love always wins. An associate from PACIV Ireland celebrates Love and Eternal Union in marriage.  Associate Siddhesh Hangekar, tied the knot with his best friend and now wife. At first, it was difficult considering the social distancing and different safety protocols, however, they finally celebrated their love as it should. Siddhesh shared with us the lovely story: “I could actually write an essay on this topic because we are childhood friends and we’ve known each other since a long time. But still I will try to tell you in short, so first it was an Indian ceremony conducted as per Covid 19 restrictions & guidelines given by government. Our story started when I moved in the same building where she was living. We were in school...

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PACIV Celebrates October: Manufacturing Month

PACIV acknowledges manufacturers creating job opportunities through entrepreneurship and motivating the young to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. The Manufacturing Industry is a constant opportunity creator that brings innovation along with advanced technology. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are continuously changing and improving. ; all functioning because of the knowledge behind it that employees provide. This October, Manufacturing Month, is directed to the young, referring to them as the future. These new manufacturers will be the ones responsible for the development of new ideas and modifying the current systems. It is a month dedicated to motivation and entrepreneurship, where Manufacturing processes who share the same challenges, open their doors...

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PACIV USA: Monthly Live Well Work Well October 2020

PACIV-USA new informative system shared important information related to healthy habits and wellness practices. With topics like The importance of a Safe Hand-Sanitizer, Possibilities of a Twindemic, COVID-19 Scams, National Health Observances, etc. Furthermore, in this month’s newsletter, Combating Pandemic Fatigue is presented as an ‘unintentional phenomenon’, Benefits of Buying Seasonal Produce as best quality products, and Staying Physically Active is a must! Read more about these articles here:

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PACIV-Happy Quarantine-O-ween!

PACIV PR celebrated a Halloween gathering with funny and original costumes, and definitely with our masks on. On October 30th, PACIV Puerto Rico had some fun having a small gathering at their office where everyone had to dress in costumes, and most importantly, be original with their ideas. Juliza Rios, Office Administrator, and Rosa Padilla, Accounting Lead, were dressed as kittens, with a mask that had drawn little kitty nose and hairs and even ears. Also, Shaimely Concepcion, Corporate Communication Representative, and Juan Alicea, Automation Engineer, took us back in time with outfits from the ’20s and ’70s. Everyone else had their “Boo” on with a mix and match of characters and themes for the celebration. They all shared some appetizers and lunch together, also took some pictures...

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PACIV Featured Article: “Robots remotely measure patients’ vitals for COVID-19” BY Anne Trafton

Robots can remotely measure patients’ vital signs, which could reduce health care workers’ exposure to the COVID-19 virus… Because of the Pandemic, social distancing has been a highly recommended practice to lower the risks of contagion of the COVID-19 virus. The most exposed to the virus are the Health Care workers, which must assist all patients in person. However, Researches from different colleges gathered to join their intelligence and help medical employees by creating robots. These robots will remotely measure patients’ vital signs and even provide a tablet with fill-out form of questions about their symptoms. A new technology that takes care of staff and patients at the same time. Click here to read more:

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PACIV Puerto Rico: New Steps into Evolution.

PACIV is working with the with the optimization and advancement of our web page using the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will be a beneficial step in moving forward with our current needs as well as our future strategic plans.  Since PACIV has a global presence as an international company with offices in Puerto Rico, Indianapolis and Ireland, representatives met to detail the requirements and to configure the specific needs for the optimization.  While many of our CORE services are still the same, each particular territory has developed a niche in other markets as well.  The USA has been successful in the panel business locking in some large orders from existing as well as new clients.  IRL is moving strongly with the Instrument Service Program (ISP)...

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PACIV Jeopardy: It is Time to Play!

PACIV-USA had a lot of fun in their virtual JEOPARDY!® Game Event. Many won and others were not so lucky, but all had a great time. The official Jeopardy Training Game is a virtual event were participants answer questions and enjoy a classical jeopardy game event while maintaining the social distance. The rules were: 1. The first two rounds consist of three to five categories each containing three to five texts, images, or video clues. 2. Responses can be formatted for text input or multiple choice. 3. Players compete for leader board dominance by racking up points in the first two rounds and going big in Final JEOPARDY!®. The Game host was Paul Giroux, and the event took place via Zoom Meetings. The prizes were: 1st Place – $150.00 donation to a charity of choice or optional...

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